Windows Virtual Desktop Videos from Microsoft Ignite 2020

Last week it was time for Microsoft Ignite. This year I was planning to go but due to Covid-19 the entire event was held all-digital. There were a lot of great sessions but I didn’t had the time to watch them all.

Most of the sessions are now available at the Microsoft Ignite website, I created this post with all the interesting sessions about Windows Virtual Desktop and the new Microsoft Endpoint Manager support. This way you can just visit this post and see all the videos and content at once.

Windows Virtual Desktop updates (Kam VedBrat and Jeremy Chapman)

A tour of the deployment improvements, broader integration with endpoint management tools, as well as how the service underpinnings have been refactored to help you scale on demand – wherever your users are located. This is an Ignite exclusive show from Microsoft Mechanics.

### Enable secure remote work quickly with Windows Virtual Desktop (Kam VedBrat)

In this session, you will learn about Windows Virtual Desktop and how you use it to quickly enable secure remote work for your employees. Kam VedBrat will talk about the vision for the product, he will demo the latest updates, and discuss roadmap.

### Ask the Expert: Ask us anything on Windows Virtual Desktop

This is the recording of the Ask the Expert @ Microsft Ignite 2020. In this video Sparsh Agrawat is hosting a session where you could ask anything about WVD. Christiaan Brinkhoff, Stefan Georgiev, Pieter Wigleven and Jon Federico are answering all those questions. Very interesting sessions!

### What’s new in Microsoft Endpoint Manager Part 1

Learn about the latest features in Microsoft Endpoint Manager and what’s coming on the roadmap. This video will focus on enabling cloud management for existing users (MS Tunnel, Endpoint Analytics, Windows Virtual Desktop).

### How VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure helps customers quickly scale Windows Virtual Desktop.

In this session, you’ll learn how VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure can help you leverage your Windows Virtual Desktop benefit while delivering the modern desktop virtualization platform today’s workforce requires.

### Securing your Windows Virtual Desktop environment

In this video Pieter Wigleven from Microsoft explains everything about the built-in security capabilities and how you can integrate Windows Virtual Desktop with other Azure and Microsoft offerings to improve your security posture.

### How to deploy Windows Virtual Desktop and secure your environment

In this video Pavithra Thiruvengadam and Maggie Dakeva from Microsoft will show you what’s new in WVD and show you how to manage your WVD with Microsoft Endpoint Manager. I will be doing a series of blog posts about the integration with MEM if you want to know more about how to set it up!

Let me know if I should add other sessions as well, to be honest I didn’t had the time to search for more…

I hope you enjoy it and have a great day!

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