Generate new SID in Windows Server 2012

Today I had to deploy a new Windows Server 2012 VM. Because In VMware you can Clone a VM I used this option. But when it comes to Server 2010, the cloned VM will have a duplicate copy of the SID of the machine from which it was cloned.

This duplicate SID can cause a lot of issues so each machine must have an unique SID. In this post I will show you the steps to generate a new SID in Windows Server 2012.

First log on to the Windows Server 2012 VM. Now open Windows Explorer, and browse to C:\Windows\System32\Sysprep

<img src="" alt="SD_Browse_Sysprep_Location">

Right-click sysprep application and click Run as Administrator

<img src="" alt="SD_Sysprep_run-as">

No the sysprep (System Preparation) tool will open as shown below. Choose Enter System Out-of-the-box Experience (OOBE) option, check Generalize option, choose Reboot as shutdown options and click OK.

<img src="" alt="SD_SysPrep">
For more information about the different switches see (

When you click OK, the application will generate new SID and perform all the required actions and will reboot.

<img src="" alt="SD_Preparing_sysprep">

After the reboot is complete, you will be asked to enter the product key, accept License terms, and enter a new Administrator password.

This is how you can generate a new SID on Windows Server 2012.

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